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Jagex has caused every account in runescape to be broken

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These days I'm unable to find anyone willing to RuneScape gold stake. Today, I earned 40k. I had one player that was willing to stake me, AND he was fifteen levels better than me. All the other friendly-making people are so focused on winning hats which do nothing but make you look silly and give you an opportunity to emote.

More disturbing than the advertisements, some people are actually prostituting their bodies through "selling" dead animals. I'm able to think that...

Jagex has caused every account in runescape to be broken, with the exception of mine. Do you have a different explanation for the fact that almost no stakes are staked? It's worth the time and repeating the process to uncover the incredible hidden abilities within the caps. If this goes on for the next month then I seriously consider giving up on the rs. Dear fellow scapers, I want to know why this is happening.

It's a wasted time. Jagex rarely browses their own forums and buy OSRS gold they would not even bother to look over this. I will no longer be posting on this thread.

asked Sep 23, 2021 in employment by FryeJacob (1,200 points)  

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