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Top First China Trip Tips — Know Before You Go

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Planning a trip to China? China is a fascinating country, but very different, so we've listed some tips to help you get started and avoid problems, which link in with our wealth of knowledge on touring China.To get more news about China scenic spots, you can visit shine news official website.

1. Think what to pack for China early.

Essentials include passport (and visa), enough money (or a card to withdraw it), enough of the right clothes (check out the weather), and any medication you need (you may need a translated doctor's note to get it through customs). Smartphones are a handy spacesaver, especially if equipped with a VPN (see next tip). You may also need an adapter for any electronics you bring as China uses 2 or 3 thin-pin sockets at 220V. See more on how to pack for China.
3. Be wise to the pollution issues.
The government has been working on reducing air pollution here in China, particularly in the main tourist cities, and it is usually better than the media would lead you to expect. On some days, however, the pollution in cities like Beijing may still affect your experience, especially if you have a respiratory condition.

4. Spring and autumn are the best times to come.
Whether you enjoy a winter wonderland or the warm sun shining on your skin, China has the perfect destination for you. For the most comfortable weather, consider coming in spring or fall. Spring is a great time as China is fresh and flowering, while autumn has drier weather than spring as well as moderate temperatures. Check out the best times to visit China.
6. High-speed rail is better than flying for some journeys.

Long bus rides are no more comfortable in China than elsewhere, but China's swish new high-speed trains give you excellent intercity options. They may even be faster than travelling via plane as stations may be closer to the city centers than airports.
Learn a few phrases of Mandarin.
Learning a few phrases of the local language would further enhance your experience in China. Simple phrases can be easily picked up and used everywhere. Top marks if you can bargain in Mandarin! Everyone loves a foreigner who speaks the local language, so check out these essential phrases and start practicing!
Try the local food.

China is not only known for beautiful scenery and kungfu, but also its food. Different provinces provide their own unique touch to their food. There are plenty of local classics that are available everywhere. Find out about some local delights that might entice your taste buds.
But practice using chopsticks first.
The use of chopsticks is a symbol of Chinese culture. Never, never stick a pair of chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice. This symbolizes joss sticks at a funeral and it is frowned upon. In addition to that, do not "stab" food by using chopsticks like a fork. Find out more about chopsticks and how to use chopsticks properly. An alternative is to bring your own cutlery.
And you'll find toilets are slightly more interesting!

It is important to know that many public bathrooms here do not provide toilet paper or paper towels or soap. Always leave your accommodation with toilet paper, and you may want to carry hand sanitizer too. The public restrooms are mostly squat toilets. It is part of the Chinese experience to use a toilet here. Here is all you need to know about toilets in China.
There is no need to tip.
It is not customary to tip in Mainland China, and tips are likely to be awkwardly refused. Conversely tipping in Hong Kong and Macau is common and much appreciated. Only at some of the most classy and international establishments in larger cities on the Mainland, small tips can be given to show appreciation for good service.
Avoid tourist traps.
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is a fake or worse in China. The most common scams include overpriced taxis, services, merchandise... Counterfeit notes are also a fairly common scam. When buying souvenirs, always bargain to get the best price. See our comprehensive guide to common tourist traps in China and how to avoid them.

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