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asked Sep 18, 2020 in hair by Dingbest (1,360 points)  
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One adventure I am aware about is divination

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Hi everyone, been off RuneScape for a couple of years since then, but decided to go back around a month ago and am back. Since since then, I've been searching and would like runescape gold to focus on learning my range. To be honest I'm sure I've been doing it wrong. I'm not entirely sure what may be different in the last EoC, as I was not there for it! Haha.

My question is, at 57 ranged and hoping to reach 70, what would you guys suggest regarding equipment to utilize and what to train on? I've nearly 1m of money in my bank (the sudden fall of the Abyssal Whip did me no favors!) If I were to sell my current gear range, I'll probably end up with around 1.2m.

I'm currently learning with pyrefiends, and am using the following gear: Archer helm/Helm of Neitiznot blue D'hide body, blue d'hide chaps blue d'hide vambraces Ava's Accumulator, amulet of glory, mithril arrows, and magic shortbow. It's worth noting that I've noted above my ranged levels are currently at 57 (not much further than the level of 58) and my defense levels are 64. Any advice on what equipment to use, which weapons to use and what to do for training would be much appreciated!

So, i went back to Runescape today, only to realize that things have changed quite a bit, Mages have as much armor and HP. In addition, they have Meleers as well as skills, actions bar, and lots of other things which has left me with some issues that I have to get answers to:

What are the most suitable boots to wear for Melee? ( After a great deal of studies, I've discovered that the most stats are in Mage's batwings, are there better boots? do there are any consequences to wearing them in melee?)

Why should I wear Rune gloves instead of Batwing gloves? Blue Dragon vambs and Batwing gloves are the same, but are considerably cheaper? What's the point of wearing rune armor at all!? ( With the exception of Vs Ranged) Does it have to be me or are the new changes making Melee the hero in the new pvp? Can someone who only plays Melee play pk very well? ( and what is the best setup for him to achieve that) Does the Amulet of Str now useless? ( I'm not understanding the whole crit idea) thank you so much for taking the time to read my queries.

Thus, I am currently preparing an updated list of Adventures to add to my next log. I am unsure at this moment what I want to achieve. I kind of want to stay away from "getting the 99!" since I'm not like that haha. I prefer more tangible goals/etc over getting a 99.

One adventure I am aware about is divination. I'm not a fan, but I must train for to at least some...I would like to keep it off until they can come up with osrs runescape accounts better training experience ways to do it haha. (I'm thinking that 48-70 is an acceptable goal for the time being.)

asked Mar 2 in hair by weiyismart (600 points)  

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