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The assortment likewise includes the Stipple Gait Black

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uncommon decal for the new vehicle: the Silencer, like Rocket League Trading Octane's Slimline. 

The Series is additionally bringing the Dire Wolf wheels, which look like the well known Draco wheels with a wind: they're peaked with a wolf rather than a winged serpent. Unfortunately, the brilliant blazes that add a final detail to the Draco are absent in the Dire Wolf. 

The assortment likewise includes the Stipple Gait Black Market decal, the Almagest and Deep Six energized decals, and the Buffy-Sugo objective blast. The last shows an "incredibly energized" lady with rabbit ears and a heart sign when players score—ideal for Neo Tokyo, however RL Trading doesn't actually fit elsewhere. 

asked Jul 21 in grooming by xingwang (3,560 points)  

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