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+1 888 597 3962 McAfee Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number

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MCAFEE anti-virus can also be disabled from the innovative configurations. The actions are as follows:

Click begin the MCAFEE Antivirus system and then select the choices selection on the top right hand corner of the display.

A drop down selection falls where you need to pick the innovative configurations which are in between history and firewall program configurations.

The innovative configurations choices begin up where the consumer need to pick temporarily turn off MCAFEE protection choice which is in between sounds and laptop computer or computer protection.

Once you select the +1 888 597 3962 McAfee Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number​ Temporarily turn off MCAFEE Security it will immediate you with a warning concept stating that this is not recommended and should only be used if you are experiencing issues establishing or resolving information.

So if you still want to temporarily turn off MCAFEE protection then go on simply clicking the Temporarily Disable MCAFEE protection key under the warning concept.

Once you select Temporarily Disable MCAFEE Security key it will navigate you to a new display with more choices again giving you a warning concept stating that MCAFEE protection will leave your pc vulnerable to risks.

(You can re-enable MCAFEE protection at any moment by right simply clicking the MCAFEE tray symbol and selecting “Enable MCAFEE protection”).

Under the warning concept you may select how lengthy you want the security to be disabled and whether to turn off the firewall program as well.

To select how lengthy you want to turn off MCAFEE select choices given and so if you wish to turn off MCAFEE protection for 10 minutes then select it and press OK.



asked Mar 15, 2019 in miscellaneous by mailrobertsmith512 (520 points)  

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