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WhatsApp vs. Viber Messenger: Which is Better for The Users?

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WhatsApp and Viber are both excellent messenger apps for Android users. Still, people want to know which one is better. Find out the answer through the argument below.




If you are getting stuck between WhatsApp and Viber, and which one you should install on your mobile; then you’d better look at some important features of these apps.


You should consider the ease of accessibility, the interface design, quality of voice and video calls, as well as how well they support your phone’s operating system.


The details of these considerations will appear on this article.


Now, read them out quickly and then make your final decision.




With a quick look at the interface of Viber, the users may feel it is quite messy. You will get an overwhelming collection of stickers.


It is the main feature that makes the interface complicated and cluttered. Though, for those who are into stickers, they still prefer Viber.


Stickers on Viber




Meanwhile, WhatsApp demonstrates a clear, decent, and simple interface. That is because it does exactly the opposite job to Viber: It has no serious focus on stickers at all.


This brings the comfort and a fine impression to its users.


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Both Viber and WhatsApp support multiple platforms. You can use the apps on iOS, Mac, Windows, and Android.


However, there is a small difference between them.


WhatsApp features an edition that you can access on the website from your computer.


Viber introduces an extension on the Chrome Web Store.


Quality of video and voice calls


In this business segment, Viber provides voice calls in HD quality which are excellent in high-bandwidth connections.


Also, Viber allows users to transfer current calls among devices.


On the other hand, WhatsApp seems to do a better job concerning the network connections, particularly in re-connecting dropped calls.


The video call service appears to be the advantage of neither WhatsApp nor Viber.


Self-destructing feature


Viber offers a self-destructing feature for chats and video messages. You can set to wipe out your history at the specific time or after the recipient views them.


On the other side, WhatsApp does not offer this function to its clients.


And you can easily download more apps like this at Apk sites






Viber and WhatsApp are always listed as the top private messenger apps on mobile, then there is no winner in this part.


They both use end-to-end encryption that assures only you and your recipient can get what you text and talk. 


Supported Platforms


It is another aspect that neither WhatsApp or Viber has a significant advantage over the other.


Overall, these apps operate well on almost all mobile systems existing on the market.


Plus, you can get the desktop version to install on your PC.


The proper answer should be…


It can be said that both WhatsApp and Viber are as strong as each other, then no one clearly wins or loses in this competition.


Your final selection should depend on your own preference as well as how convenient it could be when you use it to contact your friends and family.


Finally, if you are still looking for Android apps, have a look at https://about.me/top1apk




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The correct shampoo goals is usually another key element in order to the hair appear better. Oranges, grapefruit and lemons contain high levels of Vitamin C which assists maintain healthy skin and hair. As well as Nutritional Yeast has above 13 grams of necessary protein per oz (high protein), and with very few calories - below 70 calories per ounces Merely a couple of tablespoons has more protein than you find in a few grams of beef, one particular egg, and even one particular cup of milk.

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