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Polypropylene Film Capacitor Market

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Polypropylene Film Capacitor Market is a plastic film capacitor that uses a polypropylene film as its dielectric material. The polypropylene film offers very low dielectric losses, low dielectric absorption, high insulation resistance, and very high dielectric strength. Also, the film features good long term stability and moisture resistance properties. These capacitors are used where high degree of voltage range and tolerance is required. Even 1% tolerance capacitors are available and even the smallest of capacitors are available from around 100pF up to 10 nF and more range. Furthermore, they can be operated at temperature ranges up to 100 degree Celsius. Owing to their superior electrical characteristics, they are usually used in AC and pulse applications at high frequencies and in DC-Link capacitors.

The key factor driving the growth of the polypropylene film capacitor market includes its increasing demand in power generating and management applications in the automotive and industrial sector. A typical industry convertor consists of two sections, an AC/DC section for the conversion of grid AC voltage into DC voltage, and a DC/AC section either at a fixed or a variable frequency that could be motor drive or generator respectively. The AC/DC and DC/AC sections are connected through a link circuit in which capacitors are used to filter out the high frequency components. These capacitors must endure current at frequencies that exceed beyond 1000 Hz and must also possess high energy density. They should be also rugged and resistant to acids and bases and other chemical solvents. Since polypropylene film capacitors aptly serve these requirements, they are increasingly used in these industrial applications.

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